Axami company has two owners: Mrs. Anna Golebiowska (the founder) and her daughter Mrs. Edyta Skutnicka. Despite the official segregation of duties,  both ladies perfectly know the current situation in every department of the enterprise.

The desire to creating and ability of designing beautiful and comfortable bodywear are the qualities passed through the generations. The passion incepted by the owners’ mother and grand-mother initially had been realized by creating ladieswear. Later on, in the 90-ties, it has evolved into designing of luxurious women’s lingerie. In this area Axami has immediately succeed – first lingerie models gained incredible popularity on the market.

Personal engagement of the owners into matters of the whole enterprise is visible not only in effective managing, but also in constant inspiration for the workers of each department to achieve more, upgrading their skills and reaching their goals, which brings benefits to the whole enterprise.

Axami is a luxurious lingerie brand that marks the new order in trends and designs. Its main objectives are comfort and fresh look on the classic elegance.

Axami collections are directed to women, who value high quality of fabrics and subtle, unique designs. They follow trends in fashion and their style is created from the basis, led by spontaneity and comfort. They also have a romantic souls – sensitive and delicate. And they believe, that all contradictions can be reconciled– just like in case of the lingerie they are choosing.